Jack Simpson writing

Shrapnel Valley, Gallipoli
17 May 1915

Today I am relieved that I am alive.  My name is Jack Simpson and

I am a medic in the army.  I saved more than 15 people with the

help of my donkey Duffy.  We had 11 trips up and down the valley

to the hospital.  When I collected one wounded soldier a bullet

whizzed past my head and there was a disgusting smell of gun

smoke and blood in the air.

An old school friend had been shot in the leg so I quickly bandaged

him and put him on Duffy’s back.  It was so hot that I was dripping

in sweat and I really want some clean clothes to change into.

My mouth is dry and I am always thirsty.  I wish this

terrible war would end tonight.


  1. Your writing is amazing Samuel because you put lots of effort in your Jack Simpson writing.

    because you put a lot of effort in your writing

  2. I like the part where you said you where relieved that you where alive.

  3. That was an amazing story you did