Coming Up

WALT: Rewrite the story from a different character's point of view.
Truck  Driver 🚚
It was a bright summer day when I was delivering some hay to a countryside farm. I heard loud sirens blazing everywhere. There had been a huge car crash on the way to the farm so I had to go on the detour. Unfortunately, I had to cross the old, creaky bridge. If I didn’t get the hay delivered on time I would be fired. As I drove towards the old bridge, I saw some crazy children jumping into the river. As I slowly crossed the bridge I heard a loud, almighty CRR-CRACK. Then I tried to get back but my wheel was stuck. Wood splintered. Metal screeched. My heart was thumping with thunder as I tried not to panic. ¨HELP!!¨ I yelled.

Then it happened. Another almighty CRACK. My truck hung for an instant. Then It went straight into the water. I tried to pull up my windows up but it was too late. I went under the cold, black, eternal aqua. I held my breath as I tried to open the door but the pressure of the water didn't let me out. My life flashed right before my eyes. My nose was burning and my lungs were bursting for air.  I gathered all my remaining strength and reached out for a rock. Then I suddenly blacked out.

I woke up on the river bank with people surrounding me. Someone was giving me mouth to mouth. I was extremely dizzy. I opened my weakened eyes. I saw some blurry figures. Then I realized that they were some of the kids that were playing in the river. It took an instant until I realized that they had saved me. “He’s the rescue submarine, I’m more like a toy one”, the little one said. I just laughed. That was the luckiest day of my life.

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