Moment in time writing

WALT: Write a 'moment in time piece' of writing.

The tentacles that had not bubbled up to the surface for millennia, rose from the deep dark caverns.

I heard towers tumbling and cars crashing as I watched my beautiful house being torn apart with misery. Was this really the end? I heard sirens blazing. The police had come. But were they going to be any use against the gigantic creature?

I looked straight at the Kraken. I looked straight back at me. A shiver went down my spine.  It was bigger than anything that I had ever seen in my life. It had massive grey tentacles and two bulky, red, glowing eyes of evil. I feared this was the end. Maybe I’m dreaming?

I smelt the vile stench or the gooey slime as it spread across the once beautiful city. The smell is so bad that I could hardly breath.

I tasted the gooey slime. It tasted like…… hmmm? Maybe rotten eggs, but ten times worse? It was like the world was going down in a matter of seconds.

I felt like one of the tall towers were going to fall on me. The wind brushed past my little ear. Could this be the last time I ever felt the wind?

I woke up on my bedroom floor. My heart pounded like thunder. My brain was sore and I was extremely confused. Maybe it was a nightmare?

I opened the curtains and there it was.


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